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I’m back! Sorry it has been ages since I’ve post on here, but really things have been so hectic lately that I’ve hardly found time to sleep let alone blog… Enough with the excuses! I’m ready to share some key differences I’ve found between working for an agency and an in-house communications department.

This is especially relevant as it’s that time of year when seniors everywhere are looking for full-time employment and sophomores and juniors are searching for internships, and if you find yourself stuck on what to do, perhaps this post is for you.

 Image by jscreationzs/ freedigitalphotos.net

Image by jscreationzs/ freedigitalphotos.net

At the end of the day though, the old saying of teamwork makes the dreamwork will still applying regardless of your preference of working for an agency or an in-house team.

Agency Life

  • It’s fast-paced. You are working on a variety of accounts with a variety of deadlines that all must be met. It’s a great way to get experience across a variety of disciplines quickly. 
  • Well-rounded experience. In my experience, you get a more well-rounded learning experience working (or interning) for an agency first as you are exposed to a wider variety of activities.
  • Greater opportunity to network. Working for a variety of clients means you can expand your professional network (of course make sure to stay within the social media guidelines of your employer) and get exposure to people that you might one day work for.

In-House Comm Life

  • Opportunity to specialize. Often when working with an in-house communications team you have more opportunity to focus on your areas of interest and enhance certain skills. 
  • Focus on an area/industry of interest. If you are particularly interested in food promotions etc. and the opportunity to work for a food brand comes up you may find it more beneficial for your career to stick with that than to continue on in an agency where you are working with clients that aren’t necessarily in your area of expertise/interest.
  • See the news first hand. Unlike working at an agency where you are often at the mercy of clients remembering to tell you about an upcoming event that they have, you can assist with more timely updates about newsworthy events that are happening in your organization.

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I promise I’ll try to post more frequently. Hope you’re all having a happy start to February!